Technical Specs


Are The Coolers Self Contained?
All coolers are completely self-contained - all they require is a 115v outlet!
Are The Freezers Self Contained?
All freezers are also completely self-contained and require 208-230v which in most cases is readily available!
What If I Don't Have A Outlet?
If your function does not have electric service available, we can provide onsite generator power!
Do The Units Have Shelves?
All of our units come completely shelved on both the left and right side. If needed, just let us know before delivery and the shelving can be removed for large box or additional cooling space.
How Do I Access The Unit?
All units come complete with interior lighting and an outside step for ease of access. If needed, we can also attach ramps to the back of the trailer for sheet pan carts to easily be rolled in and out!
What Are The Cooler Sizes?
Coolers that are preset between 34˚-36˚f come in two different sizes - 6’x 8’ and 6’ x 12’.
Beer Tap Coolers?
Beer Tap cooler is 6’ x '8 and has 8 outside taps to ensure perfect temperature of your beverages.
What Are The Freezer Sizes?
Freezers can run all the way down below 0˚f , temp can be adjusted to your spec upon delivery and are currently available in our standard 6’x8’ size.
If I have More Questions?
Please call if you have any specialized delivery, time and/or location inquiries – we are always happy to accommodate your requirements!