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As a means to bridge a gap that we felt was severely separating true mobile convenience being coupled with affordable, reliable refrigeration, our company, Walk-Ins On Wheels, embarked on a lifelong journey to accomplish just that; bridging that proverbial gap. By combining a keen penchant for innovation with a storied tenure in the refrigeration industry and a genuine desire to provide our fellow Fairfield County, Connecticut neighbors with dependability and consistency in both pricing and availability, we've managed to not only raise the local benchmark for standards in the mobile refrigeration service industry but we've arguably pioneered the field altogether.

Weddings | Parties | Birthdays Catering | Florists | Events

Proudly serving our local Fairfield County, Connecticut florists, caterers, restaurants, event planners, and wedding organizers with quality and punctual refrigeration services at unbeatable rates - all in a mobilized capacity! Whatever your preference or passion might be or industry you're in, you can always explore the wealth of mobile refrigeration options we are renowned for providing our neighbors and fellow business-owners alike!

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Short-Term Rentals | Long-Term Leasing | Customized Designs

Per our company-wide stance on "complete customer accommodation", we've made it one of our most pride-worthy qualities to offer our customers (in both current-standing and prospectively) a wide-range of mobile/mobilized refrigeration options, including short-term/long-term leasing opportunities, customized designs, construction & delivery, as well as client-specific rent-to-own options, respectively.

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Emergency Refrigeration
Open Availability | Rapid Response | Reliable Service

While the sometimes unfortunate necessity for emergency refrigeration is something that some of our clients and customers eventually become all-too-familiar with, it's safe to say that when presented with the prospect of spoiled perishables and a potentially ruined event/gathering that many of those selfsame clients have actually become lifetime customers due to our prompt services and quality refrigeration units.

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Mobile Refrigeration & Coolers
For Every Occasion!

Weddings, parties, tailgating, social functions, school gatherings, and catering events notwithstanding, having a locally owned and locally operated mobile refrigeration company in Walk-Ins On Wheels located here in Fairfield County, Connecticut has proven to be absolutely invaluable to many of our fellow residents.

We understand that each of our customers, clients, and prospective investors all have unique needs and refrigeration requirements, which is why we offer a wide-range of design and leasing options to best accommodate all.

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