About Walk Ins on Wheels llc

A Little History About Walk Ins on Wheels llc

When the company first started out as a temporary means of cooling conceived by its owner, Robert “Bob” Willis for a restaurant customer. The customer asked Bob if he knew of a way to keep their food products cold while their new refrigerated walk-in box was being built at their premises.

Since then Bob and his technicians have been building other custom designs to best provide WOW customers with a variety of different units from which to choose, in order to best fit their specific cooling requirements. Our customers include caterers, florists, restaurants, hospitals, race track and other sporting venues as well as private functions such as parties, weddings and of course, you see us at many local fairs and events annually. Today Bob along with his team, has a fleet of Walk-in Coolers and Freezers offering rapid and professional service whenever and wherever cooling is needed. WOW is proud to serve all of Connecticut as well as Duchess, Putnam and Westchester counties in New York and beyond.

Why It's Better WIth WoW At Your Disposal!

Extensive Cooler

Boasting a veritable fleet of mobile refrigeration units that range in size, scale, and design as well as an enviable familiarity with our local suppliers and vendors has allowed our family owned and operated company to become a bonafide "one-stop-shop" for all local demands that are mobile refrigeration or portable cooler/freezer related!

Prompt Unit

When one of our fellow residents or local businesses here in Fairfield County, Connecticut are looking to host a large party such as wedding or lease some an allotment at a festival or fair, their need for dependable, mobilized refrigeration with timely arrivals is something that our company, Walk-Ins On Wheels, is exceedingly well-versed in providing.

Custom Refrigeration

While many of our clients and local customers often take advantage of our flexible renting options and various leasing agreements, there are a fair amount that actually choose to enlist our services in more of a design & construction capacity; ultimately leading to us customizing and delivering a completely "customer-specific" mobile refrigeration unit!

Emergency Refrigeration Available

While it's never a "good" thing to be in a situation where you require emergency refrigeration services or mobile cooling units, there is some solace to be found in the fact that our company actually specializes in that very same industry. Combining a local familiarity gained only through our years of serving our communities with our extensive inventory ensures our customers are always covered!